We love Dental IT Solutions! Since signing on with them about 2 years ago we find that we are working with a very professionally run company that delivers the best help we have ever had.

Beverly D.
Merrimack Valley Endodontic

Partnering with Dental I.T. has allowed us to focus on dentistry and running our practices without having to figure out and learn the very confusing and complicated and expensive I.T. world. I am grateful to have them as part of our team.

Claudia Moreno
Billerica Dental Associates

They (Microtime) are quick, courteous, and USER FRIENDLY! They respond to my calls or emails promptly, and always follow through with GREAT SERVICE.


Microtime works with me as a true partnership and I cannot imagine running my business without them.


I’ve used Microtime Computers for several years for both work (15 networked computers) and my personal home computers. I have ALL GOOD THINGS TO SAY!


We’ve requested a crazy amount of redundancy in our backups and Microtime has done it, and done it well.


Microtime has been a true asset to our company. They are great at prioritizing so when there are critical issues they are on it!


The staff at Dental IT never fails to come through no matter the size or urgency of the problem and Arthur is no exception. He continues to hold customer satisfaction as a high priority, is extremely knowledgeable, has a rapid response time and thorough follow through; all with a friendly demeanor. Always a pleasurable and satisfactory experience!

Diane Patterson
WorkWell Mgt