Compliance without complication

Secure email is a legal requirement for all dental practices due to privacy regulations like
With Dental IT Solutions’ SecureMail, compliance is achieved
without complication.

It protects all of your sensitive messages with military-grade encryption and gives customers assurance that their private information is being handled with care.

Simple. Fast. Smart.

SecureMail protects all important information flowing between you, your business partners, and your clients. At the same time, it makes life easier for everyone. From the moment you hit the “Send Secure” button, until your mail is delivered, sensitive messages and files are fully protected. SecureMail is perfect for practices of all sizes.

  • Cut costs on faxes, printing, postage, and courier services
  • Easy installation and requires little to no user training
  • Built-in tracking of all messages and files sent, received,
    and opened
  • Private, trusted, and secure communication with
    your customers
  • Works seamlessly on iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Replies are automatically encrypted into your inbox